Yahoo Launches Yahoo Answers Now Mobile App

Yahoo Answers, we all know is quite popular, with more than 3 million U.S. visitors and one of the largest Q&A sites. For gaining wider reach, Yahoo team was testing an app to bring Yahoo Answers to mobile. It was named Hive, but now after its successful testing, it is given quite a valid name, “Yahoo Answers Now”.

With the app, you can ask, discover, and answer questions through its mobile app. Right now, it is only launched for iOS.


Image Source: Apple App Store

Here’s what you can search with the app,

  • Questions & answers,
  • You can search the web for links so that you can easily include in your answers.

Here are the additional features,

  • Tap on the triple-dot menu, to edit your questions and answers by
  • Tap on the pencil icon in the “Me” tab, to edit your username & profile.
  • Tap on hyperlinks within answers to open them easily.

Download “Yahoo Answers Now” from the Apple App Store.

Currently, you only need an invite code to sign in. For getting invite, send an email to [email protected]

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