RP Truths: The “Truth” About Retinitis Pigmentosa

RP Truths

It all started with just one post. I was sitting on the couch late at night, and was scrolling through Facebook. Everyone on the RP support page that night seemed so sad and depressed. I thought to myself “How could I make these people laugh?” Even for myself, I needed to see a funny lighter side of what I was going through. I got a lined piece of paper and started jotting down daily things that happen to me while living with RP. The wheels started turning. The first thing I wrote down was ““It’s right there.” Doesn’t help.” It was funny, it was true, and above all it made people feel like they weren’t alone. From that point on everything I wrote was known as an RP “Truth” – and it caught fire. RPTruths” has shined a new light upon Retinitis Pigmentosa, and people look forward to reading new truths, and relating in what feels like such a lonely condition.

I couldn’t be more proud of the community it’s built, and I absolutely love hearing stories about how RP “Truths” has helped individuals and their families cope with this genetic disease.  To find all the truths, as well as purchase magnets, visit,

RP Truths Website

RP Truths FB page

Katey Duppong

The person who opens our mind's eye through RP "Truths"

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