Paper Boat’s new Ad Film is what you will love the most

Paper Boat has created a lot of buzz, with the beverage and amazing ad campaigns. Now, its new short-film is creating quite an excitement, with more than 600k YouTube views in just 4 days.

Click the below image and watch it now,

paper-boat-drinks-memories Credit: Paper Boat Drinks

The film, “Hope, The boat”, is receiving acclamation by not only kids, but people from every age due to its innocence. Their pick-up line, “every dream is a journey”, may make you nostalgic. Well, their tagline “Drinks and memories”, quite fulfill the purpose though.

paper boat-drinks-hector-beveragesImage Credit: Paper Boat Drinks: Screencast from the video

The film goes around four-minutes and will take you to a journey of hope and dream through a paperboat. Here’s what the description says,

Come, join the journey of Hope, a small, humble paper boat that carries all of our dreams and dearest aspirations over the horizon.

The most eye catching thing about the new advertisement is the music and animation. It is executed by a branded entertainment company, Humour Me. The paperboat is literally alive now, and takes you to a journey, with an ending message,

Every dream is a journey.
May your Paper Boat carry you far

The beverage is owned by Hector Beverages Private Limited, with Neeraj Kakkar, as its co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO).

Enjoy the video and let us know how much you liked it in the comments section.
Thank you for bringing back memories! 🙂

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